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Shriver Mobile Automotive Diagnostics

Shriver Mobile Automotive Diagnostics

Don't Just Change Parts - Diagnose It!

Would you like to buy a used car in Jerusalem?

First, read this article from Voleh, a group providing legal aid to new immigrants to Israel:

Purchasing a Vehicle in Israel

Want to make sure the car you purchase is in good mechanical condition?

I will come with you at any time of day to inspect all the car's major systems:

  • Basic Engine and Transmission Inspection: 100 Shekels

The following add ons to the basic inspection are available upon request:

  • Computerized Engine Inspection ( Details Below ): 50 Shekels

  • Computerized Body Collision Damage Inspection: 75 Shekels

  • Battery and Alternator: 50 Shekels

  • Tires and Suspension: 50

  • Interior Condition and Accessories (Heat/AC, Windows, Radio): 25 Shekels

A computerized engine inspection checks the cars computer for error codes which can indicate a variety of problems which can't be easily observed via any standard physical inspection of a vehicle such as but not limited to ignition system problem, sensor problems, and emissions problems. This is available for nearly all model 2002 and later gasoline vehicles, and for many Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda vehicles going as far back as 1992.

At the end of the inspection you will receive the details of the inspection plus documentation of any problems found via e-mail.

Buyer Beware! Get a pre-purchase inspection in Jerusalem and save yourself allot of trouble down the road!

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At we specialize in computerized, scientific, and precise diagnosis. We're a type of mobile garage in Jerusalem that specializes in diagnostics.

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Shriver Mobile Automotive Diagnostics